July 1st, 2007

Firefly, Serenity

Our shiny new prop and a link you MUST click!

Hey Browncoats! Have you seen my new tankard? I'll bet you have! :-)

At last Sunday's "Can't Stop The Serenity" event I followed last years pretty darned successful "strategy" of buying metric buttload of raffle tickets. I didn't end up with as many prizes as last year, but I'm not going to complain because among the prizes I did get was this metal tankard from the Maidenhead, courtesy of the Prop Store of London, which was actually in the movie!!

So now we own a shiny piece of movie history. *bounces about the room*

Shifting gears just a bit, even if you never click on links I post, If you're a Firefly/Serenity fan do yourself a favor and click this one. It'll only take a moment, since you're just looking at three small photos. Knowing that the movie and TV series are on the ISS is one thing. Actually seeing the discs in zero G is quite another. The astronaut/Browncoat in question is Mission Specialist Steven R. Swanson.

Still flyin' indeed!
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