June 22nd, 2007

Fruity Oaty Bar

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Just a reminder, Serenity is going to be back on the big screen as part of a worldwide fundraiser for Equality Now. The Tampa showing is this Sunday at the Beach Theatre in St. Pete! W00t!

Last year's event was a blast, and was chock full of browncoaty goodness (doesn't that just sound wrong?). It's always more fun to watch the Big Damn Movie with a bunch of other fans (and the Smoosh cleaned up with the prize raffle too!). This year's event is expected to be bigger, and the prizes look to be more impressive as well.

Tickets are available online through midnight tonight, and are cheaper if you buy online. One thing to be aware of in advance is that if you're gonna be buying stuff there (t-shirts, raffle tickets, etc.) you'll want to bring cashy-money. Like the security forces on Lilac, they won't be able to take credit. ;-)
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I just refreshed my ticket queue at work after closing out a bunch of them. It's empty.

Empty. I don't remember the last time I didn't have a single ticket pending, but it's probably been years.

This doesn't mean that I have no work to do, of course. Not by a long shot. However, at this moment in time there's nothing with a "meet-this-SLA-or-answer-to-the-balrogs" deadline hanging over my head.

Happy Friday indeed. :-)
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