April 27th, 2007


Esoteric Tips #88

If you get a tattoo on your upper arm and choose not to mention it to your cow-orkers, don't say anything funny while it's healing. And especially don't say anything so funny that one of your cow-orkers feels compelled to give you a friendly slap on the shoulder.

Ouch! :-(
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Ink Pic!

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's what my right shoulder looks like now and for the foreseeable future! I look all contorted and bulbous because I actually took the photo holding the camera in my left hand, across my chest. Also, the perspective is a bit off, but in real life the arrows are all the same size.

It's about 3 days old in the pic. I took it right after a shower, and it was just barely starting to consider scabbing up. As of right now it's in full-on healing mode, which means it's scabbing up pretty regularly (as expected). I'm putting lotion on it several times each day, and will likely continue doing so for at least a couple more weeks.

I like it. It's not a particularly artistic or complex piece, but it's definitely me. I'll like it more when I no longer have to think about taking special care of it, but either way I'm quite pleased. I still haven't completely wrapped my brain around the idea that I have a tattoo, but I'm very happy with it. It's funny how you start to associate a symbol with yourself once it's permanently emblazoned on your flesh!

Oh, as an added "bonus", you can all now honestly claim to have seen a nude photo of me. Of course, whether or not you want to actually make that claim in proper company is another matter... ;-)
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