April 22nd, 2007


Inked Geek

Kim and I "officially" celebrated our anniversary yesterday. We went to Melting Pot for dinner, which was oh-so-splended as usual. I ate until I felt like I was about to burst!

Then we met up with zensidhe and redheadlass to catch Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters. It was... entertaining. If you aren't already quite familiar with the TV series then the movie will make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Not that it matters, as it's fairly nonsensical even if you know the show well. zensidhe said that one reviewer described it as "an origin story that has neither an origin nor story." I don't think I can say much more than that.

After the movie we went to Blue Devil in Ybor. Kim got her belly button pierced (she's been toying with the idea for years) and I got a tattoo.

I got a tattoo.

*I* got a tattoo!! Geeky me!!

Specifically, I got the Extropy logo (see userpic) on my right upper arm, around the shoulder. The philosophy and world view that it represents most strongly reflect who I am and the ideals I support, so it's a natural first choice. No photos yet, but soon!

Ed Powell did my work. So far I'm very pleased. He said that the arm is probably the easiest place to get a tattoo, and that makes sense. Yeah, it hurt (as ucertola once said, "they're not licked on by kittens!"), but it really wasn't bad. Kim and I held hands during most of it, and any time it got sharp I just locked my gaze with hers and all was well.

Kim was, of course, my strong warrior woman during her piercing. :-)

Definitely an anniversary to remember.
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