April 20th, 2007


"In my native tongue, I can call your name..."

My Beloved femetal,

It's been a hell of a year, but haven't they all? No one ever accused us of living boring lives, and our 11th married year has carried on that tradition. We've cried so much, we've laughed so much more, and dear God we've had fun!!

We've grown as people, both in the past year and in the past eleven, but we seem to grow without growing apart. Think about who we were in 1996 (or 1989, if you prefer!). We're very different people now, but we're still us. We're also smarter, wiser, and stronger. Our situation and even our relationship structure have changed so much and so often that it seems impossible that the bond between us would never falter, yet here we are.

Being "just" Kim & Eric again is painful and disorienting, but not entirely without a silver lining. I'm really enjoying the extra alone time we have together, and I'm getting a new appreciation for our dynamic. It's like NRE in a relationship that's old enough to vote. ;-)

It's taboo in the poly community to say "forever", but I do so without reservation and with an acute awareness of what "forever" actually means. I love you. I love everything that makes you "you". I love the spectrum of what "you" has meant over the years, the countless iterations of Kim. I love who you are today, with your amazing strength, your vicious temper, your boundless love and compassion (don't deny it!), and your dazzling intelligence. I love how you kick my ass when I'm wrong. I love your potential in the future, who and what you're capable of being, and how that potential influences and strengthens me.

And I will love you forever, mia amo. Happy anniversary.
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