March 22nd, 2007

Poly Bird

FPR Weekend Summary

It seems that everyone else who was at Florida Poly Retreat this weekend has already posted about it, but I feel the need to add a quick summary.

The weekend rocked. The whole weekend fraggin' rocked. It was fun, informative, and productive. The panels were great, the presenters were all top notch, the activities were a blast, and the food was excellent. Most importantly though, we got to see some wonderful people that we really only get to see at FPR nowadays, as well as meeting a few folks whom we'd previously only read about. I love the event, but the people (organizers, presenters, and attendees) are what make it special.

And, of course, the trebuchet.

A few of the more atypical highlights:

* Having the opportunity to participate in the "meet the media" discussion
* Firing a weapon designed to knock down castle walls at zensidhe, and hitting him in the foot.
* Being serolynne's bitch
* Joining forces with tacit and committing an unprovoked act of war against peaceful people (even if our attempt was so feeble that it went completely unnoticed by our would-be victims)
* Watching the aforementioned arch-nemesis very nearly set his own head on fire, and almost getting it on film
* Trading dick jokes with a guy from the former Soviet Union (it was late at night. What can I say?)
* Impromptu late night transhumanism conversations
* NES ROMs and porn! (Thanks, james_the_evil1!)
* "Special fun" (*ahem*) with my fellow smooshlings on Thursday night

By the way, extra rib-crushing hugs to merenwentari, since I now know that you read my LJ. ;-)
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Last Ride

I never wanted the Celica. It's a great car, but visibility out of the rear window is horrid and it was just never my style of vehicle. It was Keirston's lease, and when she moved out Kim and I agreed to take it over because she knew that she wouldn't be able to make the payments. So I accepted the little black machine, got used to it, and have driven it as my primary vehicle for the last few years.

The lease has now ended, and I'll be going to turn it in as soon as I finish this post. It's been roughly 3 weeks since we got the Prius, which means that prior to this morning it had been 3 weeks since I'd driven the Celica.

Part of me is going to miss it. If you know me at all, you know that I tend to grow attached to my machines.

The Prius is definitely a "me" car. It's high tech, efficient, practical, and has more bells and whistles than a James Bond car. It's very comfortable and a lot of fun. It's what I expected cars in the 21st Century to be like when I was a kid, and I love it without reservation.

After 3 weeks in Prius World, getting into the Celica this morning seemed almost archaic by comparison. Then I started driving to work and remembered- this car can move. It's not efficient, but it'll get you where want to go, and damn quickly if you tell it to. It's surprisingly nimble. To paraphrase Neal Stephenson, "when you put the hammer down, shit happens." :-)

So this morning I drove to work too fast, with the stereo turned up too loud, and enjoyed every moment of it. It's not my kind of car but I've had some good times with it (as well as a ticket or two), and as I go off to drive it for the last time it's not without a wee bit of nostalgia.

You all may want to stay off the road for the next half hour or so. ;-)
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