March 7th, 2007


"Cooking" with Datan0de! Episode 27

I swear to God my lunch smells exactly like a bowl of sawdust. How do I do this??

I haven't yet worked up the courage to taste it.

Note to all: If I ever offer to cook for you, it is *not* an act of kindness!
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Fruity Oaty Bar

Quest for Super Powers!

I'm considering changing my name. Not my LJ username of course, 'cuz I think that suits me nicely and I even respond to it in conversation. I mean the plain old name on my birth certificate.

'Eric' is a fine name, mind you, but it lacks a certain... pizzaz. It just doesn't stand out in an epic way. So I'm considering changing it to AVALANCHE!. Please note that with this new name the capitalization, italics, bold, underlining, and exclamation point would all be required for it to be considered spelled correctly. Additionally, the correct way to pronounce AVALANCHE! is by shouting it with fists shaking furiously in the air (in casual settings a single furious fist will suffice).

It'll be great! It's fun to say and invigorating to hear! Best of all, I! can't wait to see what superpowers come with the new name! After all, people with powerful, epic names like Thundarr, Juggernaut, God, Superman, and Bill Nye always have epic superpowers! Maybe I!'ll be able to level buildings with my battle cry, or raise the dead, or crack the Earth in half with my Mighty Fist of Doom!

Right now though I! think I!'d be satisfied with the "eat food that smells like sawdust without gagging" superpower. :-)
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