February 28th, 2007

Dancing Gir

Super-Quick (and overdue) weekend update

Fri- zensidhe and I hung out with La Resistance some friends. Much fun, and out much too late considering that on Saturday...

Sat- The Smoosh got up insanely early for a weekend, got gussied up in renaissance garb, and went to a "Prussian Beer Breakfast". For those who don't know, that's code-speak for hanging out in garb in the parking lot of Ren Faire before it opens, eating yummy-yet-oh-so-unhealthy food (scotch eggs are the new hotness!), and drinking much too much much too early in the day. It's a kind of ritualized self-abuse that we inflict upon ourselves a couple of times each year for no good reason. Think of a Klingon manhood ritual, only in tights. :-) trogdor_the_dog came with us, and seemed to love every minute.

After the breakfast we went into RenFest and wandered, socialized, ate, watched a show or two, and generally did the kind of stuff that one does at a renaissance festival. They have a maze this year, and being a big fan of all things labyrinthine I couldn't resist. [psychosis]I took Trogdor with me, and together we had an epic adventure beyond the imagination of mere mortals! It was full of danger, intrigue, adventure, victory, despair, and blood-drenched combat! Sadly, the Code of the Labyrinth prohibits me from providing any details, but it was an unforgettable experience that I shall carry in my heart forevermore.

After we completed the maze we were astounded to find that only a couple of minutes had passed in "the real world".[/psychosis] By then poor Trogdor had had enough of the noise and crowds, and clearly wanted to go home, so we called it a day. The four-plus-dog of us went back to zensidhe and redheadlass's place and promptly collapsed from exhaustion. After waking up we watched some TV, ate dinner, and watched some more TV before femetal and I went home.

On Sunday Kim and I went out to breakfast (I loves me some pancakes!), then swung by the Toyota dealership to interrogate one of the salesmen and test drive a car. More on that later.

After that we went to nihilus and phyrra's place to see how mead is built. Many friends, much fun, and a whole lot of Wii playing. (See phyrra's post for pics.) In a word- awesome. :-)

Damn fine weekend.
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And speaking of mechanized transportation...

On Monday I GOT A NEW TOY CAR!!! It's a "magnetic gray" 2007 Toyota Prius, and I'm in love! It's got a tasty multifunction display, GPS, voice-activated navigation and bluetooth phone integration, rear-view camera, etc., etc., etc.!

It's a hybrid, which is nice. Toyota's "Hybrid Synergy Drive" really is the bomb. It's not just marketing hype. ;-) More important (to me), the car looks totally sci-fi! This is what an automobile in the 21st Century should be like! (flying cars notwithstanding)

If you haven't ridden in one, two things (aside from the plethora of electronic bells & whistles) will stand out the first time you do:

1) For a small-ish car it's surprisingly roomy. Despite the fact that it has both gasoline and electric drive systems, the cabin takes up a surprisingly large portion of the total volume of the vehicle. It's almost TARDIS-like.

2) It's quiet! The gasoline engine only runs when it has to, so at low speeds the only sound is the wheels on the road. People in Prius discussion boards refer to it as "stealth mode". In fact, this morning on the way to work I couldn't help but use it for a bit of mischief. I was in the parking garage hunting for a spot when I spotted someone walking while talking on his cell phone. No joke- I was able to sneak up on him and follow him for a short while without him noticing that there was a car right behind him! Evil fun! :-)

Another fun thing is the smart key system. With the key in my pocket, I can walk up to the (locked) car, get in, start it up (by pressing the power button!), and drive over inattentive pedestrians without ever touching the key. Nifty!

I could gush on and on about this marvelous piece of technology, but I'll spare you all. You get the idea. The best part, of course, is that now I get to be one of "the cool kids", along with serolynne and slartibart. ;-)

Not my actual car, but the same model, color, and option package
(This isn't my actual car, but it is the same model, color, and option package. I'll post pix eventually.)
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