February 20th, 2007


Well POO!!

There was a last minute plea bargain this morning. I never got to sit in on a trial. Oh well, the process was at least somewhat educational, I got some reading done, and I got a couple days off from work.

Since I don't have a gripping courtroom drama to share, but I do have a bunch of browser tabs that have been open waiting for me to share them, I'll take this opportunity to have Fun With Bullet Points!

* Did I say "bullets"? How about Singapore's contest to build robots for urban combat? It's only a matter of time...

* If their contest pans out then we'll soon have killer robots on the loose, and who better to unleash them upon than Bill O'Reilly? This is another older article, but apparently this asshat thinks that geeks don't have the skills to survive in the modern world, and that the fact that he doesn't understand tech talk indicates that technical people are out of touch with reality, rather than that he's simply tech illiterate. He says this in his blog, which he relies upon techies to publish.

Oh, and in his podcast he also slams iPod owners. Way to be on the ball there, Bill!

* I love this article about what truly makes people happy. It follows along the same lines as the research that was covered in this episode of Quirks & Quarks last year. The podcast is definitely worth a download and listen! The interesting conclusion is that what we tend to to strive for in life and what actually makes us happy have little to do with each other. Strangely, neither the podcast nor the article mention porn, robots, or bayonets, but somehow manages to cover the topic well.

* Speaking of things that make us happy, femetal brought home Girl Scout cookies today! I'm now typing while eating tagalongs, which are my personal favorite. All other varieties are the devil. This is not negotiable. Let the religious flame war begin! :-)

* On the other hand, WTF is up with the increasing price and decreasing quantity of Girl Scout cookies? My box of tagalongs has 15 cookies in it. 15. Didn't they used to come with like 300 or so, and cost a dollar a box? Bunch of thieves, I tell 'ya!

And no, they're not made with real Girl Scouts. I checked.

* Kim and I picked up Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles last night. If you're a big Robotech fan (I definitely am!) then this is a must. It covers the events of the last couple of episodes of the TV series and what followed afterward, and was very obviously done by people who have a love for the show. Many of the original voice actors reprised their roles, and there are several nods to Robotech fandom here and there. While the plot has a couple of weak points here and there this was to me more than made up for simply by being able to watch new Robotech for the first time in about 15 years. FYI, the story is woven into the events of The Sentinels, but it completely kicks End of the Circle out of official Robotech canon. To me this is not a bad thing!

On the down side, if you're not already familiar with Robotech then you might be a little lost, and the significance of many of the characters will likely escape you entirely. This was definitely made by hard core fans for hard core fans. Also, the animation is hit and miss. The dogfight scenes (and there are a lot of them) are fantastic. The characters look a bit better than they did in the original series. The Legioss mecha has never looked this good, but the CGI simply doesn't compare with (for example) the new Appleseed.

* For zensidhe, Deepak Chopra and Michael Shermer debate the afterlife. Nice!

* Speaking of religion (er, kind of...) here's Anal Sex According to the Word of God!! It also covers fisting, masturbation, pornography, and BDSM from a Christian perspective. Yes, it's a joke, but it's a damn funny one. Surprisingly, it also doesn't contain any NSFW images. :-) Does anyone have Jack Chick's e-mail address?

I was gonna discuss free will as well, but I think I'll save that for another post. :-)
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