February 16th, 2007


Without Cameron does it even count?

It seems that there's going to be a Terminator TV series! The pilot for The Sarah Connor Chronicles went into production in November, and if it gets picked up will be airing on Fox this year and will cover the time period between T2 and T3. The wiki page implies that Summer Glau will be in it, and IMDB says so as well (playing a character named- appropriately enough- "Cameron").

This could be unimaginably bad, or the coolest thing on TV (that isn't Firefly) ever! As is fitting for anything relating to The Terminator, time will tell...
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Jury Duty 2 - Judgment Day!

I was summoned for jury duty again! I report on Monday morning assuming I'm not excused the night before like I was last time.

I wonder how my chances of serving would be affected if I introduced myself as a vaguely anti-authoritarian, polyamorous, atheist libertarian who doesn't support recreational drug laws, blue laws, the current administration, or government definitions of marriage?