January 30th, 2007


Why the Wii Rules, episode 29 - Sweet Revenge

I had a "bad" night with the Wii last night, but it taught me a valuable lesson about mammalian psychology and the value of natural interfaces.

I'd had a so-so day at work, and due to procrastination needed to write up and submit an annual self-evaluation after I got home. While they're not the worst thing that can happen to me (that title belongs to "being on fire and getting stabbed in the eyes while vomiting spiders", in case you're wondering), I hate self-evals with a passion. I'd had some hassles writing it followed by even greater hassles submitting it (the web site locked me out, and it was due last night) and was feeling rather frustrated. I decided that rather than work on my enormous-and-growing LJ backlog I'd take a break and play a relaxing game of WiiSports Tennis.

That turned into even more frustration as I got my butt handed to me again and again, ultimately dropping my hard-earned rating by more than 150 points (from around 1320 to about 1150). I was doing a spectacular job of returning the ball, but it was constantly going out of bounds. In more than one game I managed to never miss the ball but still lost without scoring a single time. GAH!!!

I was over it, and briefly thought to myself "this is the REAL reason why people throw their Wii remotes through their TVs!" My reptile brain was pissed, and part of me wished that I could hit the machine (this is NOT in character for me). Then I realized... I could.

I loaded up WiiSports Boxing, and proceeded to beat the living shit out of my computer opponent. Oh, it felt good! So good in fact that I laid out 5 of his friends too (and also lost twice). The controller made all the difference. Mashing buttons in a fighting game is one thing, but real catharsis came from swinging real punches and seeing my virtual opponent wince, stumble, and finally collapse to the floor. Geek rage, bitches!! ;-)

Having exacted my revenge and sated my bloodlust in a harmless manner, I bounced merrily off to bed. Going forward I think I'll put "punching pixels" on the short list of fun, safe ways to vent aggression. :-)
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