January 26th, 2007


Friday Porn!

Okay, so there's no nudity or sex and it's all work-safe, but as far as I'm concerned Yellow is still porn. I think that alias_node would particularly love this, as it's effectively his life's story. ;-)

Hey, and while I'm posting about awesome robot short movies, if you haven't seen Tetra Vaal then I'm reporting you to our robot overlords protectors. It's short, but soooo drool-worthy!

On a related note, Michael Biehn (Kyle Reese, my childhood hero) will be at FX in Orlando this weekend! If I'm really lucky I just might be able to get the Terminator print that's currently hanging in the living room autographed. *squee*

Ron Glass, Adam Baldwin, Christina Hendricks (yum!), Lance Henriksen, etc., etc., etc. will also be there. Shiny!
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