December 22nd, 2006

Not Stupid - Advanced!

The Arcane Art of Wrapping Presents

One could say that I possess no skill whatsoever in wrapping gifts, and that even my most successful attempts have yielded packages for which calling them offensive to the eyes is being kind. However, I prefer to say that my unique and creative wrapping "style" puts extra food on the table of wrapping paper manufacturers, strikes a decisive blow in the War Against Trees, and results in a present that by visual inspection is equally likely to be a Pez dispenser or a Volkswagen.

I hope everyone is having a safe and fun holiday season so far!
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    "Merry Christmas on Earth" - Macross Song Collection

Alcor featured on CNN tonight!

The CNN program "Paula Zahn NOW" will be featuring the segment "Buying Immortality" tonight from 8-9 EST. I haven't seen the segment yet, but I do know that they interviewed several Alcor members and staff, including Dr. Steven B. Harris, Alcor's Chief Medical Advisor.

Should be interesting!
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    Nuttin' For Christmas-Barry Gordon