November 10th, 2006



Quick Caiger Mall census update:

ULC: 211 zombies
URC: 230 zombies
LLC: 97 zombies
LRC: 250 zombies

Total Zombies: 788
Total Humans: NONE!!!

The mall has fallen! **BARHAH!!**

For the majority of you who don't play Urban Dead, Caiger mall has always been the invincible fortress of the human survivors. The local geography makes it the most defensible location (for humans) in the game. It's the only mall to have withstood a concerted zombie siege, and it has easily defeated two of the largest hordes despite sieges that lasted for weeks. The trash talking after each siege has been epic. In fact, they sell t-shirts that say "My zombie went to Caiger mall and all I got was this lousy t-shirt". :-)

Well the third time's a charm, and at long last the walking dead are victorious. This is, without a doubt, the most significant event in the history of the game. Long live the unliving!

Edit: If you'd like to know more, the entire saga has been documented at
Edit #2: Fixed a typo in the URL. Props to james_the_evil1 for catching my goof.
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