August 27th, 2006


5 days!!!

I'm getting really anxious now- in a good way.

I did the first bleaching of my hair last night, so I'm now light blonde 'cept for a couple of bits that I didn't cover well enough. The second bleaching will be on Monday, and the third on Wednesday. In the unlikely event that a 4th run is needed (*shudder*), I can do that Thursday morning.

The schedule .pdf for Dragon*Con doesn't seem to be out yet, but the web sites for the various programming tracks have their schedules posted. I did a quick check of the Space & Science, EFF, and Podcasting tracks, and it appears that there are no major conflicts. Whew! Dodged the bullet this year! I'd had nightmares about the Cryonics, The Signal Live, and Hacking 201 panels all being scheduled for the same time.

Nothing's etched in stone by any means, but I'm personally leaning toward playing "Are You A Werewolf?" on Friday night after the Cryonics panel (which starts at 10:00) in our room. Thoughts? I've no idea yet when sushi should be, but it's a must at some point! :-)

I dropped off my 'con gear dry cleaning on Friday afternoon. Friday night femetal, zensidhe, and I went to see "Beerfest" with F&M. High brow it most definitely was not, but it was funny. Something interesting we noticed was that one's enjoyment of the movie seems to be strongly correlated to how inebriated you are. Most of us drank a bunch before going, so that worked out well. Apologies to the designated drivers. ;-)

The drinking theme continued on Saturday with the Prussian Beer Breakfast at F&M's. Yummy yummy food, and lots of hangin' out with awesome people! Afterwards the Smoosh went back to M&J's. We watched TV, relaxed, and I took a much needed nap before bleaching my hair.

Kim and I came home and slept like the dead last night. Today we're doing laundry and other 'con prep stuff. The 'to do' list is obscene, but things are going pretty well so far. I only work on Monday and Tuesday this week, and we're planning on probably getting a room just outside of Atlanta on Thursday night, so that eases the time crunch quite a bit. I've got a frighteningly long LJ post that I'd like to have done and posted before 'con- maybe even sometime today.

Being the procrastinator that I am, I'm going to go play DDR now. :-)
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Matrix Smith

Is Windows inherently more vulnerable to malware attacks than OS X?


Here's a partial list of specific reasons why. I've run across similar (and longer) lists before, but never thought to post them.

Almost all of these arguments are equally applicable when comparing Windows to any UNIX variant. Please forward to anyone you know who argues that the only reason why Windows gets more malware than any other OS is that it's the most prolific.
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