August 24th, 2006


The Phantom Menace

Last night on the way home from work I saw an ad plastered across the side of a bus for the local CrimeStoppers 800 #. The ad said "Now taking terrorism tips!"

*smacks forehead*

The potential for abuse aside, is this what we've come to? Are our boogeymen that pervasive? "Hello, Homeland Security? I know someone who is hiding a family of Muslims in his attic!" *sigh*
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Mad Scientist


Okay, everyone else has already noted and posted about Pluto's "de-classification" as a planet.

I've already stated my feelings on the matter, though I must admit that I really liked the suggested definition of 'planet' that was given to the IAU, if only because it would mean that our solar system contains at least 12 planets, and probably many more. That just seems sexier and more exotic than 8 planets, 'ya know?

However, the burning question that nobody is asking is this: Will the Lunar Embassy drop the price that they're selling Pluto for, now that you aren't actually getting a 'real planet'? ;-)

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