August 11th, 2006



Mighty Methuselah has fallen. Today his body ascended from the aquatic world that was all he knew for most of his life and into "The Great Sea Monkey Aquarium In The Sky", or less metaphorically, the trash can under my desk.

My concern that his passing would mark the end of the world on my windowsill turned out to be unwarranted. Whether through slow-maturing eggs in the tank, parthenogenesis, or (I suspect) extra eggs included in the sea monkey food, the current population of Wee Water World is at least 3 or 4, and possibly more. I added some new water to compensate for evaporation, and as a result there's a lot of "stuff" floating around. I'll check more closely on Monday after things have settled.

'Course, now I'm starting to run low on sea monkey food. What should I do when that runs out? Order more? Drink 'em? Try to teach them to hunt on land and eat my cow-orkers? I'm open to suggestions here.
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