July 31st, 2006

Dancing Gir


I must confess that I take perverse amusement in watching home shopping channel drones hawk mediocre laptops. It's like watching a train wreck as they focus on how easy it is to install the battery or how it includes "$1700 worth of software" for free in this $4200 package. *sigh*

On a less malicious note, long road trips are more fun when you're driving alongside a convoy of trucks carrying carnival rides! :-)
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Firefly, Serenity

Done the Impossible, The Signal, and other random goodness

Do this now!!! (please)

Go to the Podcast Awards web site and vote for The Signal in the "Best Produced" and "Movies & Film" categories! Firefly Talk was also nominated, but the plan is to vote for The Signal this year and Firefly Talk next year so as not to split up the Browncoat vote. Dong ma?

On a related topic, Polyamory Weekly was nominated in the "Mature" category, is a damn shiny podcast in its own right, and is certainly deserving of a vote or ten.

Ten? Yes! You can vote each day between now and August 11th. Vote early and vote often!

Oh! More shininess! femetal and I got home from North Carolina at 4:30 this morning, and despite being crushingly exhausted I still had to do a little happy dance when I saw that our copy of Done The Impossible had finally arrived. I've only started going through it but wow, it's impressive, and has tons of material! In case you don't know, Done The Impossible is a fan-made documentary about Firefly, Serenity, and the Browncoat phenomenon. This is no cheesy half-assed production. It's fascinating, better done than most DVDs out there, has an obscene amount of information, and was done with heavy cooperation from the cast and crew of Firefly. It's hosted by Adam Baldwin, and Jewel Staite does a lot of the voiceover work. One particularly nice thing about it is that the DVD-ROM content works on Macs (at least PPC-based ones).
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