June 26th, 2006

Firefly, Serenity

The Master Speaks!

We went to the charity showing of Serenity at the Tampa Pitcher Show on Saturday and had a blast! With so many social geeky Browncoats about it felt like being at `Con. This is always a good thing!

They raffled off prizes, including autographed photos and some Alliance money that was actually used in the movie! It seemed to me that the props needed to be mine, so femetal and I pulled a Lazlo Hollyfeld and bought an absurd number of raffle tickets. It is for charity, after all.

Well, we didn't win the cashy-money (*pout*), but we did walk away with 10 of the prizes, including a not-available-in-stores mousepad, a rather nice Browncoat bag that I'll probably use at 'con, and a bunch of other stuff. :-) zensidhe got the autographed photo of Summer Glau, which conveniently comes in a waterproof cover. Enjoy it, bro. ;-)

Of course, His Whedon-ness was aware of the event, and has expressed his gratitude to the fans in typical Joss fashion. Shiny!
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The *other* thing I did this weekend...

I was without adult supervision on Sunday, and surprisingly made halfway decent use of the time. I did a bunch of laundry, played Advance Wars on the GBA, and sorted/filed e-mail on Ghidrah.

Lemme 'splain that last one just a bit so you get an idea of the scale.

I download e-mail to both Gir and Ghidrah (my lonely, neglected PC). I've been storing e-mail on Ghidrah pretty much since I've had a PC, and have been using the same e-mail client for several years now. I'm not known for sorting my inbox. At all. As a result, it was choking on over 19,000 e-mail messages, going back to at least 2002, and possibly much earlier.

By the time I got distracted and stopped working on it, I'd filed, deleted, or otherwise dealt with over 7,000 of them. That still leaves his inbox at a couple of orders of magnitude larger than those of mortal men, and I probably won't get around to doing that again for another couple of years, but at least I've bought myself some time and Ghidrah a little breathing room.

Okay, back to work with me.
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Gir on the floor

Datan0de's Helpful Hints #837

Never say "liar liar pants on fire!" to a cranky, omnipotent 7 year-old. That's a road you just don't want to go down.

For that matter, volunteering to babysit for child gods is a bad idea all around.
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