March 20th, 2006

Metropolis Work

Google- is there anything it *can't* do?

True story:

We have a few guys here this week from Plano. While going through airport security in Dallas this morning, one of them got pulled aside for a detailed search. [Insert rant about airport security and the Department of Homeland Security here] Of course, while they're searching you they don't let you go anywhere near your belongings, and one of the security drones collects them off of the X-Ray conveyor belt for you.

Well, he got to Tampa and found out that his laptop had gotten switched with that of another passenger. Oops. Same brand, similar model, same appearance. No identifying business card, engraving, or other information.

We did have some information to work with, however. Upon booting, the Windows login screen defaulted to the guy's username and domain. His username is, fortunately, his first and last name. Unfortunately, his name is almost as common as "John Smith."

This looks like a job for Google!

I hopped online and googled the domain name. Pulling up the most likely candidates, one of them turned out to be a company based out of Dallas. A little poking through their site turned up not only verification that this guy is an employee, but his e-mail address and phone number!

Elapsed time- less than a minute. Our guy contacted his guy, verified that security had given him the wrong laptop as well, and arranged shipping. The co-workers are impressed with my m4D $k1llz. ;-)
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