March 2nd, 2006



Former Libertarian presidential candidate Harry Browne died last night. Holy poop!

In other news, work is sucking today. I may end up needing to re-image an entire team of PCs because they all decided to load HotBar, little dancing girl cursors, browser history erasers, and who knows what other spyware on their machines. I ran Spybot and Ad-Aware on one of them and they collectively got about 200 hits, of which they could only delete about 40. M$'s Defender won't install because the machines aren't on SP2.

Damn spyware.

Damn Windows.

Both inside and outside of work, my "to-do" list feels like I've got 50 lbs of crap to stuff into a 10 lb bag. I'm hoping that I'll get a decent amount of sleep on Saturday night. I'm certainly not going to be getting much before then. :-(

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