February 14th, 2006


Penis Pump

femetal and I took my mom out to dinner last night to celebrate her birthday. Over the course of the conversation, Mom had an anecdote that involved a penis pump.

The words "penis pump" came out of my mom's mouth.

In public.

At dinner.

My mom.

Most of you don't know my mom, but trust me when I say that this is just weird. Mom isn't Mother Theresa, but she is far more concerned with the rules of public decorum and etiquette than you'd ever infer by looking at, for example, her son. ;-) Still, I was surprised that she even knew what one was (until recently she didn't, hence the anecdote). She also doesn't tend to discuss such things with me, fer chrissake.

The story was funny (no, I'm not going to relate it here), as most of my mom's anecdotes are, but it took on a whole new layer of humor because it came from her. Just had to share.
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