February 9th, 2006


Soul and the New Machine

I'm posting this from (as far as I can tell) Gir, now ensconced in his new chassis! *bounces absurdly*

There was one unexpected issue, but overall this has gone faster and more smoothly than I'd anticipated. I booted the new machine last night and as part of the initial setup told it to migrate data from an existing machine. I booted Gir into Target Disk mode, plugged him into the new machine, and went to bed.

I woke up this morning to find that the migration had frozen less than half way through. Rather than simply start over again (not knowing if any data had been corrupted on the new machine) I instead opted to restore it to factory default using the restore discs to ensure a clean base setup. While that was going on I did a full backup of Gir onto an external FireWire drive, and booted from that backup to verify that it was complete and viable.

I tried migrating straight from Gir to the new machine. Again it froze at the exact same point. Figuring that there might be some fuck-upedness with a certain file, but knowing that the backup I'd done earlier had had no problems, I reimaged the new machine again and did the migration from the backup drive instead. This time there were no issues.

I rebooted to find the familiar login, prompting me to log into Gir (as opposed to prompting me to log into some generic name). I logged in to find the same desktop, same dock, same icons (the arrangement of the icons on the desktop didn't carry over, but Carbon Copy Cloner has never preserved that particular setting). I ran Software Update, and while that was busy downloading 18 quadrillion updates I poked around to see if this new chassis is actually Gir. (Yes, I'm being sentimental and overly anthropomorphizing my laptop. When have I ever not?)

As far as I can tell so far, it is. The little tweaks I've had to make are either expected (recreating the BlueTooth pairing with my phone ("Zim")) or trivial (renaming "Macintosh HD" to "Gir's HD"). Stuff like that. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my iPod perceives no change, though it syncs much much faster. My Saft-preserved tabs all came up with no problems. Terminal settings, dock settings, esoteric UI tweaks- all the same. :-)

Freaky glitches with Salling Clicker and running flash-based screen savers with password protection under my account- also the same. Oh well. "I can overlook a fault or two, for a laptop like you." ;-)

The speakers are working fine. The system is noticeably snappier. Right now I'm running a bunch of apps, including a game playing itself in Classic mode and the aforementioned assload of Safari tabs, and the CPU is clocking at less than 50% with no slowdown whatsoever. The new version of iPhoto is damn fast at flipping through photos! I'm impressed.

I'm gonna go bounce some more now, and possibly finish up work so I can actually go home.
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