January 27th, 2006


Public Service Announcement !!!

If you are coming over to my house (in Tampa, not zensidhe and redheadlass's place in Oldsmar), please please please be sure to come to a complete stop at the intersection of Hampton Park and Lowell. That's where and why I got a ticket a while back, and the same cop has made that his regular hunting ground. I've watched at least a half-dozen people get pulled over at that intersection.

The devil on my shoulder says that the cop is planning on buying property in the area, and figures that having the night sky be constantly lit by blue and red lights will give the impression that it's a high crime area and thereby drop the property values. I suppose it is a high crime area, though the crime in question is highway robbery.

You're not wanted here, lawman!
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Alcor featured on Good Morning America

I just found a link to the segment that Good Morning America did on Alcor last Wednesday. It's always good to see cryonics get some exposure to the general public in a serious context.

It includes the complete video, but ABC only keeps the videos posted for 7 days. Anyone out there with more web-foo than me know how to extract the stream into a file I can keep for posterity? I was able to pull a 10.7 MB temp file out, but it's either incomplete or I'm using the wrong app to open it.
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Better! Stronger! Faster!

I ordered Gir's upgrade on Wednesday!!! Weeeeeee!!! The estimated ship date is 1/30, and the estimated delivery date is 2/6.

His memory will be doubling, his hard drive space will be increasing by 25%, and his processor speed will be increasing by 73% (based on clock speed). He'll also be gaining USB 2.0 capability (big help with podcasts on the new iPod- he currently only has 1.1), and the ability to burn DVDs (dual-layer, no less!).

I had two people express interest in his old chassis within an hour of making the order and several others since then, which makes me feel good. I think it's pretty much spoken for, however.

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