January 24th, 2006

Mad Scientist

What I did besides work today

I geeked out!

First off, I finally checked out this thread on Slashdot. The article it links to is from the Wall Street Journal, and is about a cryonicist who's set up a trust fund to give himself some cash if his cryonics plans work out. The discussion thread is lively, and apparently I have a lot to say on the subject.

A lot.

No, really. Before I knew it, I'd posted 15 different replies to comments (my /. ID is "Cybrex" in case you're curious)- some of them rather lengthy. There's just so much misinformation out there, and I seem to have soooo little tolerance for uninformed ranting on the subject! (Informed rants I have no problem with!)

The other geeky thing I did today was download some more music by Jonathan Coulton. Holy cow this guy is great! At the very least, do yourself a favor and grab "Skullcrusher Mountain". It's a sweet, romantic little guitar ballad from the perspective of an insane evil genius trying to woo some woman he's captured and is trying to impress by creating freakish monsters and such. It's brilliant, and extraordinarily funny!

On a less geeky note, I also found out that dong_bao works at the same facility I do. Somehow we've managed to not run into each other at the cafeteria in the last year and a half!

On a geeky, gleeful note, we've figured out that yes, we do have the finances to upgrade my beloved Gir. After much research, consultation, and consideration (more factors than you'd think!) I've decided to upgrade him to the latest (last?) 12" G4 PowerBook model. I'll probably put the order in tomorrow. Yes, I could get a faster machine in a MacBook, but form factor, interoperability with current equipment (I've got numerous power adapters which are compatible with femetal's iBook, a spare battery, etc.), fast backward compatibility, and ability to straight-transfer the system are worth more to me at this point.

Weeee!!! Upgrades!!!
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Dancing Gir

Oh this is just absurd...

I'm truly, honestly, genuinely embarrassed to even post this, and maybe even just a bit worried about myself. Still, I have no shame so here we go.

This song made me cry. What the fuck?!?

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Wow. I probably need help. Oh, and for the record- Gir's keyboard doesn't leave marks on the screen. :-)
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