January 5th, 2006


What's for dinner? Kitty innards!

'Ya know, there's a whole class of exciting discoveries that only people with children or other small animals get to make. Things like "if I happen to be right there when the cat pukes, and start cleaning it up right away, it's still warm!"

Still warm. 'cuz, 'ya know, a minute ago it was inside the cat. And now it's on the bedroom carpet. Or in a paper towel, making my hand warm.

I really do feel bad for all of you with young kids. It's gross enough when it's just dry cat food mixed with water and a squirt of kitty gastric juices. If a child had recently eaten McDonald's or Taco Bell, well, let's just not think about that, m'kay? I bow to your courage.

On the bright & shiny side, even with the cat it could've been much worse. APAR was sitting on the bed leaning over my dirty clothes when he commenced to heavin'. Either of those target areas would've been disastrous, but he was kind enough to take his leave of the bed before his dinner fell out.

Gooood kitty. :-) Okay, back to bed with us.
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