January 1st, 2006


Xie xie!

The Smoosh's plan for New Year's Eve was to spend the evening at M&J's house quietly ringing in the new year with just the four of us.

At least, that was the cover story that I was told. :-)

The reality was that my dear friends and loved ones had been covertly planning a surprise New Year/birthday shindig (Firefly-themed party) for months. I had absolutely no clue.

zensidhe and I had run to CompUSA and the Apple Store for some errands, while unbeknownst to me femetal, redheadlass, and Clan McNulty set up the house for the surprise party. When Mike and I got back to the house Kim greeted us outside. My thought process was along the lines of "hey, she's wearing new boots. Hey, I don't recognize any of the clothes she's wearing. Hey, she's dressed just like Zoe!" She kissed me and said "welcome to your birthday shindig" and the light finally went on in my head.

The house looked great. There were all manner of posters, Blue Sun logos, and a chinese calendar on display. Kaylee, er, Janet did a great job duplicating Simon's birthday cake from "Out of Gas" (right down to the candles!), and made fruity oaty bars (both of which were made with me in the house and still clueless!). Clan McNulty brought half of a chinese grocery store, which added enormously to the mood as well as being tasty and fun. We also had strawberries (of course!) and various other snacks and bits of flair. (Note to self: meatballs and cocktail weenies very much lend themselves to being eaten with chopsticks.) Tony and Melissa made a "Happy Unification Day!" banner, complete with burn marks, bullet holes, and blood smears.

Of course we watched Serenity, and Bass brought enough fireworks to level a city block. Shiny!

Bunches of people were in costume, which I absolutely love! You all looked great! We'll have to pass around pix- possibly at the next game night?

The party rocked. The house ended up pretty well packed. How the rest of the Smoosh got so many people to not make other plans for New Year's Eve is beyond me, but I was really touched. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Nobody went to the hospital. There was no drama. Nobody's house burned down or blew up. Nobody got naked (not completely naked, anyway). 4 out of 5 ain't bad! ;-)

Thanks everyone. You're all my Big Damn Heroes. Here's hoping for da bien hua in 2006!
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