December 24th, 2005


Just taking a moment to enjoy...

Yesterday was the Smoosh's 2 year anniversary. We had dinner at the Melting Pot to celebrate, and it was awesome.

We had a spontaneous bit of group sex in the middle of the night. This is never a bad thing!

Today was a nice, slow day. I got to sleep in some, hung out, watched part of a Penn & Teller DVD with zensidhe and femetal, and played some video games (yay!). Then the three of us joined redheadlass at her mom's for Christmas Eve dinner with her family.

Now we're back at M&J's house, the tree is lit, the bed is set up on the living room floor, carols are playing on Solanum, and the whole place just exudes a Christmas-y mood (except for Kim, who's wearing sexy lingerie- hot!). We've decided to skip midnight mass in lieu of getting a decent amount of sleep tonight, and I think that we'll shortly be doing the "open one gift on X-Mas Eve" tradition, which pleases me quite a little bit.

I just saw Janet's butt. That pleases me quite a little bit too!

Anyway, right now is right with the world. :-)
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    Christmas Carols on Solanum