November 22nd, 2005

Mad Scientist

I'll take Heresy for $1000, Alex

With ginormous props to ladytabitha (whom I'm blatantly ripping off), here's a trio of intriguing articles relating to God, atheism, Santa Claus, and Intelligent Design. I promise- no brain eating this time! :-)

First up, looking at the world through the eyes of an atheist, using a particularly interesting analogy. I couldn't read this without the Invader Zim Santa song running through my head. Oh, and the discussion thread following it is worth a skim. It's a total flame war.

In the followup, the same author details why he's an atheist. I think he does so in a manner which clarifies his perspective while remaining respectful of people of faith. It is, of course, followed by yet another flame war.

Finally, here's an interesting spin on Intelligent Design that uses the same basic argument structure that's being used against teaching evolution and applies it to the theory of universal gravitation. I think I'm preaching to the choir with this one, but it does put things into a fun perspective, don't'cha think?

Enjoy! I'd be interested to hear thoughts, reactions, etc.
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Really quick Ryan update!

He has Lemierre's Syndrome. It's super rare (160 cases since 1988) and is 90% fatal if untreated.

They caught him in time.

The next couple of months are going to severely suck for him, but he's gonna live!

More details later. I'm on a conference call at work right now, but wanted to post this right away.

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