November 18th, 2005

Dancing Gir

Quick Ryan Update

I talked with him on the phone last night. He was discharged from the hospital overnight, but has to go back in today. He's still on painkillers and such, but being the person he is was planning on catching the midnight showing of Harry Potter anyway. :-) Hopefully he stayed awake for it- he seemed a bit foggy.

Today the biopsy results come back. I'll post as soon as I hear anything, and hopefully he'll soon be able to close the book on this particular misadventure.
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Ryan Update: No news is... teh suck

I spoke w/Ryan. Something got misdirected somewhere and as a result they don't have his biopsy results yet. Hopefully Monday.

WTF, people?!? This isn't trivial shit here! The entire course of the rest of a guy's life hinges on the results of these tests, and he's gotta wait through the ruttin' weekend?!?

Grrrr... He seems to be taking it better than I am.

At any rate, he admitted that going to the movies last night was exerting himself more than he probably should have, but he managed to stay awake and lucid through the whole movie. He said (big surprise) that it was really good, and he got to sit in the wheelchair section too (I didn't know this, but the theater actually has wheelchairs available).

He's still on painkillers, steroids, antibiotics, and anti-nausea stuff, but he's home all weekend which I'm sure is a huge relief. I'm planning on seeing him on Sunday.

As always, I'll keep everyone posted.

Oh tacit, I mentioned Front 242 and asked him if he's still alive if he's gonna want to go (yes, I really did). He's definitely in. :-)
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