November 17th, 2005

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Ryan: Wednesday Update

Unfortunately I didn't get all of the details of exactly what's going on, so I apologize for any holes in this account.

That said, holy crap. We're not out of the woods yet, but the outlook has improved significantly. What a difference a single day can make. :-)

For me, most of yesterday was a lousy day. I didn't get much done at work, which is bad, 'cuz there's a lot piling up on my plate. I also had no contact with Ryan at all, which set my mind a' fearin'. I sent him a few SMS messages but didn't get any replies. I IM'd Stasia briefly and she hadn't heard from him either.

During lunch I stopped by Haus Boheme to pickup the laptop for Ryan from tampagypsy (for the bazillionth time, thanks Chris!). As I was leaving work I called Ryan's phone, got his voice mail. I was really scared at that point, and it probably showed through in the message I left.

After that everything got better quickly. Ryan called me back right away. The final biopsy results haven't come back yet (that's still going to be the big factor), but apparently some sample that was taken from somewhere on him that's not his throat has strep. The bottom line is that the most likely theory right now is that it's not cancer, but rather a strep infection that somehow got into his lungs, and from there into his bloodstream and lymphatic system. Or something like that.

At any rate, the antibiotics he was on seem to have finally started to turn things around. He sounded much better, and obviously his mood had improved enormously.

So femetal, redheadlass, zensidhe, and I went over to visit him. Betty was there, and they were watching DVDs when we arrived. He was in the best shape I've seen him in since Necro. He's still uncomfortable and still on painkillers, but it was nothing like Tuesday. They're weaning him back onto solid food (he'd eaten some pudding), as a certain, uh, "digestive issue" that had concerned him since last Wednesday finally worked itself out. He's no longer on an IV, though he still has the shunt in his arm. (He wanted to just pull it out. We advised against it.) He was laughing and lucid and acting more like Ryan.

We found out that his fogginess on Tuesday was not, in fact, the result of the new painkillers (which I'm told, contrary to my account yesterday, do not taste like old urinal cake, but rather like fermented horse urine. I know you were all wondering.), but rather from the meds that he was given post-op. So last night there was no fogginess, no zoning out (rather strange for Ryan, actually), and no passing out when he laughed (though laughing does hurt his right side pretty badly).

Heather and Warren showed up shortly before we left. He was thrilled about the laptop. We'd brought over a few more DVDs as well. Ryan wanted me to convey his thanks to tampagypsy for the computer, and to everyone who was there on Tuesday for making him feel loved. He was really pleasantly surprised by the size of the group, though thanks to the meds he doesn't remember most of what happened. He particularly wanted me to pass along his thanks to phyrra for just sitting and holding his hand. He said it gave him something to focus on when he was zoning, which he really needed at the time.

So currently, the plan is for him to possibly be discharged today (Thursday). *happy dance!* The biopsy results are still a big factor, but unless they hold some surprises they'll just be monitoring his infection to be sure that it continues to fade. There's a decent chance that they'll need to cut into his neck to drain the abscess, which will suck, but given the alternative we're counting this as a favorable outcome.

The Smoosh has plans for tonight, so I let Ryan know that unless something changes I most likely won't get to see him, but I'll be talking with him and will post any updates.

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