November 16th, 2005


Ryan: Tuesday Update

First off, truckloads of thanks to everyone who replied to yesterday's post, e-mailed, IM'd, and called. I'm feeling very loved right now, and more importantly I know Ryan is as well. Somehow I seem to have fallen in with the most amazing group of people.

I usually try to reply to all comments in my LJ, but time and the redundancy of posting "THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!" to each one doesn't work out very well. I am passing well-wishes along, however. (ucertola, I made a specific point of mentioning yours, as I knew he'd be pleased.)

So I got squat done at work yesterday. I SMS'd back and forth with Ryan during the day to see how he was doing and if they'd done the biopsy yet. He mentioned that his dad and brother were going to be visiting, which he wasn't too happy about. (He and his mom are very close. Not so much with his dad and brother.) I offered to post snipers, but since I don't actually know what they look like it wouldn't have done much good. ;-)

femetal and I met up with phyrra and nihilus at Krystal, ate dinner, and headed to the hospital. (Hmmm... straight from Krystal to the hospital- I'll bet that's so common that they've probably considered building a special bridge. ;-) )

They'd done the biopsy in the afternoon, and fortunately it was much less invasive than we'd expected. Still, that's relative. Rather than actually cutting him open they'd stuck two needles through his back on the right side and into his lung. When we got there Jean Paul and Ryan's roommate Amy were there. Ryan was discussing painkillers with the nurse and was really hurting- you could see it in his eyes. They had changed his whole medication regime, and he wasn't too happy about that. He's off of the steroids (with the resulting swelling), and they've switched him from morphine to something weaker and less addictive. The new painkiller is a liquid that judging by the look on his face has a taste somewhat akin to an old urinal cake. Its effects aren't as immediate as morphine, but it did seem to take care of the pain. Unfortunately it also made it harder for him to concentrate. Either way, if he moves his right arm too much it aggravates his back- a fact which he kept forgetting. :-(

Amy had to take off pretty much right away, but mentioned that Ryan wasn't too happy with his doctor's bedside manner and the lack of information he's been getting. He'd also given Ryan crap for having more than two people in his room at a time (WTF? We had up to 10 in there last night, not counting Ryan!), and because someone had brought in a PlayStation ("If you're well enough to play PlayStation, you're well enough to go home!" Uh, no. He wasn't actually playing, and either way, have you seen him lately?). He also really wants a bath.

Anyway, nihilus and phyrra had brought a DVD player, and femetal and I brought the StrongBad DVDs. tacit and anklesnake arrived shortly after we did with Blade Runner and a portable DVD player that'll work out a little better for him, I think.

When khepra and fangly arrived we hit 10 people in the room- a rather cozy group. It felt a lot like Game Night, right down to nobody actually playing any games. ;-) In his less-than-with-it state I think it may have been a bit more activity than he could process, but he certainly seemed to enjoy focusing on phyrra, who could teach the doctors a thing or two about bedside manner. :-)

Eventually Ryan got up and went for a walk, as had been recommended by the doctor. He did roughly a lap and a half of the floor. He was pretty unsteady at first, but once he got his legs stretched out he did better. Even at his best I have to admit it was kind of funny to see him in a hospital gown wheeling around the stand with his IV bags. Remember the video for the Weird Al song "Living With a Hernia"? Yeah, it was like that. Not the most dignified moment for our favorite industrial cyberpunk. tacit, I can't wait to see the pix you took. :-)

The walk definitely did him some good, but only went so far toward clearing his head. By the time we were back in his room his friends Stasia, Warren, & Heather were all there. The rest of us gradually departed for the evening.

He's got a new stuffed animal to add to his collection, a pot with some flowers, and a second bamboo plant. I need to see if I can get a plush facehugger. :-)

Oh, side benefit of not being on morphine- he no longer passes out when he laughs. This is a good thing, as tampagypsy has set up a laptop for him with lots of Family Guy, American Dad, Simpsons, etc. episodes. I'll be getting it to Ryan tonight. (Thanks again, Chris!)

I'm still very worried. Actually, I think I'm more worried today than I was yesterday. I'm glad that the biopsy has been done, but at this point we don't even know when we can expect the results to come back. It could be anytime between today (Wednesday) and Friday. Everything is uncertain until then.

Heather mentioned that she'd been told that they might be moving him to a private room today. This would probably make him a bit more comfortable, and would certainly make life easier for his poor roommate, but the paranoid lobe of my brain can't help but wonder if it's being done as a preamble to bad news. I just don't know.

In closing, I think that anklesnake gets the award for most on-the-ball observation of the evening- This isn't right. Things shouldn't be fucked up like this. Damn skippy. Even in the worst case scenario, it should be a simple matter use an undifferentiated sample of his DNA to engineer an endogenous retrovirus to rewrite his genome cell by cell back to its original state, shouldn't it?

I'd like my medical nanotechnology today, k plz thx.
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Dancing Gir

On a less serious note...

Stolen from queenwench, I give you:

The Love Survey

1. What is you relationship status? Married and in a polyfidelitous quad.

2. If you are with someone, how long have you been together? 16 years with femetal, almost 2 years with redheadlass and zensidhe

3. Why did your last relationship end? A couple of reasons. 1) Psychological instability made ever so much worse by Depo-Provera. 2) My unwillingness to end my friendship with alias_node, with whom she'd broken up a couple months before we started dating.

4. Do you still speak to that person? From time to time. We mostly remain in contact through a friend of mine who works at the same place she does.

5. When it comes to people you date, how old is too old? Hmmmm... I'd probably be uncomfortable dating anyone old enough to be my mom, but otherwise I don't think I have a bias against older women.

6. How long was your longest relationship? 16 years and counting! :-)

7. Do you think a relationship can survive cheating? I think it can, but it would require a lot of work and commitment from those involved.

8. Does the idea of an open relationship appeal to you? Yes, I'm enjoying it very much, thank you. :-)

9. Is the person you are dating the best sex you have ever had? The person I'm married to is the best sex I've ever had.

10. Do you think you are good in bed? Not the worst, not the best, but I am very enthusiastic and willing to take direction. ;-) (Just make sure there are no cartoons on in the background!)

11. What's more important to you good sex or good conversation? Both are important. Which is more important probably depends on how long it's been since I've had sex.

12. Who is "the one that got away"? She knows who she is.

13. Does your friends opinion of your significant other matter to you? I always want to know their opinions, but ultimately they aren't the deciding factor in any major decision-making. The same goes for my significant others' opinions of my friends.

14. Do you discuss your past relationships / sexual history with your significant other? Sure! Discussing my sexual history is a lot like having sex with me- kinky, freaky, and disappointingly brief. ;-)

15. Have you ever been with someone you wished you were in love with? Nope. I've always been comfortable with where I was before having sex.

16. What is something you should work on for your next relationship or to make your current relationship better? Spending less time at work and more time with my Smooshlings!

17. What are the top three things you need in a relationship? Communication, similar interests, compatible world view

18. Are you a good boyfriend / girlfriend? I'm a horrible girlfriend, though zensidhe might tell you otherwise.

19. What is the wildest thing you have ever done to woo someone? Helped hook her mom up with my dad?
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