November 8th, 2005

Dancing Gir

Necronomicon Post Mortem

One-word summary: Ia!
Two-word summary: Fun weekend!
Three-word summary: Naked, drunken revelry!
Four-word summary: Good times, great friends!
Five-word summary: Oh my God, terrible hangover!

That largely sums it up. We had a blast, mostly driven by getting to hang out with friends that we only seem to see at cons, concerts, and cryofeasts nowadays.

As others have noted, there was much revelry, nakedness, and naughtiness (it was Necro, after all!), with a truncated game of strip Are You A Werewolf on Friday and strip Apples to Apples on Saturday. After Apples to Apples things got even more interesting, or so I'm told.

'cuz, see, I'm stupid.

I drank too much on Saturday night. Way too much. I remember bits and pieces, but suffice to say that I was still rather surprised by a lot of the photos- even ones that I'm in. Looks like it was a hell of a party.

*sigh* I'm not 18 anymore. I really do know better. Even if I didn't, I'd like to think that my inner Transhumanist would put the brakes on such potentially self-destructive behavior. Apparently my inner Transhumanist is even more of a lightweight than I am. :-)

At any rate, no major harm done, though I certainly would've disagreed with that sentiment when I woke up on Sunday morning. Ugh! I immediately drank a bunch of water and took a Tylenol, then gradually put myself back together. Unfortunately, as time went by I actually felt worse rather than better, and since redheadlass was also feeling pretty crappy (not for the same reason) we decided to break with tradition and forego sushi. Hopefully we'll be able to get the regular sushi gang together for a make-up outting This means you, bonedaddybruce, and I'd like to swap pix with you also.

All in all though it was 'con, and 'con is good by definition! Spending a weekend with friends is an absolute joy. Dressing up in costume is perhaps a bit tiring, but still worthwhile. I got to see the new Call of Cthulhu silent movie (which was good enough to warrant buying a copy in the dealer room), picked up a copy of Illuminati (which I'm ashamed to admit I've never played), and had a reminder of why I'm glad that I'm not legally responsible for anything that alias_node does (don't ask- I'm not tellin').

We all really must do this again, though I think I'm going to need a little time to recover. How about next Labor Day weekend? ;-)
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