October 2nd, 2005

Firefly, Serenity

Since I can't seem to shut up about the Big Damn Movie...

...here are some links to nifty Serenity-related stuff.

First off, here's a great (and lengthy) interview with Joss Whedon. Lots of nice details and insight. There are no blatant spoilers, but there are enough hints that I'd recommend waiting until after you've seen the movie to read it.

Moviefone has a "video Q&A" that's rather nice, and not too long. It has clips from the movie, and the actors answering fans' questions. Spoiler-free.

The Sci-Fi channel aired a half-hour special called 'Resurrecting Firefly', and it's now available online. Very very shiny! It has a rather lengthy clip from the movie at the end that was also shown during one of the panels at Dragon*Con. Very mild spoilers.

Thanks to geodiaz for this one. How's the big damn movie doing at the box office? Find out here. It's updated daily. Here's hoping that number gets big enough to warrant a sequel or two!
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