September 23rd, 2005


Phriday Phun!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeehoooooooooo! Happy happy Friday to all!

Having a particularly good day today for a bunch of little reasons:

* It's Friday!

* I watched bunches of Invader Zim while getting ready for work this morning. I've never had a bad day that started with Invader Zim!

* I've got a date with femetal tonight...

* ...followed by the long-awaited Pegasus episode of Battlestar Galactica...

* ...hopefully followed by group sex! (And blessed, blessed sleep)

* I've got a ginormous amount of work to do, but the ticket bins are actually pretty light.

* Parade of unbelievable hotness outside my window. 8-) *lust*

* I gotz me a bag of mini Peppermint Patties, straight outta the freezer!

* I ate femetal's leftover chicken parmesan for lunch, and didn't get any spaghetti sauce on my brand-new white Alcor t-shirt.

* Lookie!!! Home-made robot sentry guns! Here's a video of it in action. We're one step closer to our mighty robot overlords crushing humanity under their unstoppable tank treads! [cue Terminator music] *lust*

* Finally, here's the funny comic of the day.
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