September 17th, 2005


Dragon*Con overview I wrote at Con but forgot to post...

Monday morning, 4:20am

I'm at the Sunday night dance right now, basically sitting in the middle of an impromptu techno club. Strangely, I don't feel at all out of place typing an LJ post on Gir in this environment. ;-)

Con has been wonderful- as good as always. I didn't get quite as many pix as I usually do, but I spent more time in panel discussions than I usually do, so I suppose it balances out. Friday we attended a great space elevator panel (a real one, not the code term) Friday night we played strip "Are You A Werewolf?" with a perfectly-sized group of friends.

Yesterday (Saturday) was panel day for me, and I spent most of the day in the main Space & Science panel room- Nanomedicine, Evil Geniuses For a Better Tomorrow parts 1 and 2, and Cryonics. This kept me away from the rest of the Smoosh for most of the day (which sucked!), but was interesting, informative, and worthwhile overall. I also got to chat with my_affair, which was really nice. For the second year I was asked to sit on the cryonics panel, which was a special treat for me. I only answered a couple of questions that weren't adequately covered by the rest of the panel, but I really enjoy being able to address people's concerns and provide information. Oh, Michael Lynn (the guy who discovered a major security hole in Cisco routers and was given a job offer by Cisco, only to have it rescinded and replaced with a lawsuit the next day) was at a couple of the panels, which was pretty damned cool! We also ate dinner outside of con-space, which was yummy but a bit weird.

Today I dreaded getting dressed up in my costume, but there was never any doubt that I would. It's hot and uncomfortable and bulky and I was so damn tired that my brain was misfiring, but it's so rare that I get to project that costume's outward appearance that the idea of skipping it never crossed my mind. I went to the dealer rooms with Kim and Dave (I briefly saw Six from the new Battlestar Galactica!), and later I showered and changed into more comfy clothes for the Hacking 201 panel.

Serenity was the big thing this con, and I attended two relevant panels. Both were interesting and informative. The first one on Friday night had four of the cast members (Kaylee, Inara, Book, and Jayne), and the second (on Sunday) covered what happens in the time span between the end of the TV series and the start of the movie. If you're all interested I may post the details behind a cut in another LJ post.

We went out to eat Sunday evening with a good-sized group of people (about 15?) which was a blast.

The panels were all great, the dealer room was great (though I only bought a couple of things), the costumes were great, and the Smoosh all looked great. redheadlass's barbarian costume was particularly adorable! All in all I'd say that this was a very "typical" Dragon*Con, if there could be said to be such a thing.

As usual, I'll need to go through the pix and my panel notes and do some processing to get a review that's more detailed. Suffice it to say, this is the place where I feel most at home, the most in my element, and the most accepted. I just wish I didn't have trouble keeping my head clear and interacting with crowds, which seemed to be a particular problem this year.

All in all, another wonderful `Con! I'm really, really tired right now, but kind of afraid to go to bed for fear that this wonderful event will end that much sooner. Really. I loathe the thought of going back to normalspace. Still, I have to catch some downtime or I'll be useless tomorrow, so now I'll just have to look forward to Necro!
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We're going to CryoFeast!

...if I can get off the computer and start putting myself together, that is! It's a meet & greet with Florida cryonicists, Alcor's leadership, and people interested in learning more/"drinking the kool-ade." ;-) It looks to be a fun time, though I suspect that I'll be disappointed to find that the most off-the-wall nutjobs there will all be the 8 freaks who have decided to all wear Nanohazard t-shirts to the event.

Stay tuned...
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