August 29th, 2005

Mad Scientist

It begins!!!

Well, last night I did bleaching number 1 (of three) in preparation for `Con. I now officially look like an ill-groomed freak.

No, really. I'm at my absolute worst in the days leading up to `Con. My hair is a sickly yellow (not blonde, mind you- yellow, I don't get enough sleep (even more so than normal), and I tend to wear clothes that I *know* I won't have any desire to bring to the sacred gathering.

So in short, I look like crap. But having done this so many times it's almost a ritual for me now. Once I smell the caustic chemicals, once I feel my scalp begin to burn, then `Con truly begins to become real for me.

This is the only thing in my life that I really plan for, and God do I plan! My checklist is three pages long. Tomorrow is my last day at work (I hope). Tomorrow night I do bleaching #2, wherein my hair looks unnaturally pale, but stands out less. Wednesday will be a mad, confused rush of preparations and packing. Thursday, if all goes well, I'll be able to sleep in some, bleach my hair one last time (hopefully resulting in something that looks not entirely unlike this LJ icon), and load up the truck. The only thing that's likely to go wrong is the one thing that goes wrong every single year- packing takes far longer than I plan (even when I take this fact into account), and I never get enough sleep the night before.

Regardless, for the next week everything is about `Con, in some way or another.
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