August 4th, 2005

Gir on the floor

She Sells Sanctuary

So I'm nattering about on LJ with Gir, and listening to an internet radio station on Tak, when the song "She Sells Sanctuary" by The Cult comes on. It's an old wave classic. I love this song, haven't heard it in forever, and until just a minute ago never knew what it was called.

Now I've got a lot of unsorted, unimported MP3s, so I do a Spotlight search of Gir's hard drive (80 GB) for every file (including e-mail messages) which contains the word "sanctuary" either in the filename or the body of the file itself. This takes roughly 10 seconds, and it turns out I don't have the song.

This must be rectified, so I pop onto iTMS and find that they have 2 different versions. I select the one I want and pull it down (yeah yeah, "you're an idiot for paying for music" and all that. Whatever.). In less time than it takes for the song to play, I was able to identify it, determine I didn't have it, locate it, and get a copy.

I love technology.
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    She Sells Sanctuary-The Cult