August 2nd, 2005

Matrix Smith

Exit the World - Enter the Next

The world ended last night, and it went out with a bang.

I guess to be more precise, the worlds ended, as the nine instances of the Matrix consolidated into three. On Enumerator, as with all of the instances, it was one big end-of-the-world party!

Call me a geek, but for a virtual party it was a hell of a lot of fun. The Acolytes of Zion (my faction) were out in full force, and almost nobody was running missions. It was all about hanging out, goofing off, and bidding farewell to our beloved server.

All of the original captains of AoZ were there, which until this past weekend hadn't happened in months. The new unofficial faction uniform was distributed (I got some XP for coding!), and lots of group photos were taken. If I do say so, we're a damn good looking group! There were also some pix taken of the whole lot of us hyperjumping toward the camera at the same time. It was a riot to see a couple dozen bodies in the air at once- we looked like Hell's Grasshoppers. :-) I can't wait to track down the pix!

I was surprised to see just how damn many of us there are. It's hard to keep track of all the new people sometimes. We went to Club Duality in Kedemoth Central (the building is right by the hardline, and the club is on the top floor) and were one of the larger groups represented there. BTW, the club itself is 3 floors, and was packed last night! For most of the night it was relatively violence-free, with Zionists, Machinists, and Merovingians dancing together- a rare event on a hostile server!

A few things of personal note:

* I got mentioned by name on Awakened Radio! Yay!! I guess it pays to chat up the DJ!

* I took my shirt off at one point so I could decompile it and code up copies for the others in the faction, and one of the female RSIs commented that I looked like a stripper. I ran with that, and she ended up paying me 500 $INFO. Even in the Matrix I'm a whore. :-)

* There was a guy in Club Duality running a gambling game. I figured 'what the hell', gave it a shot, and ended up winning 1000 $INFO. That's not a whole lot of money in the Matrix, but it was a nice touch on an already good evening.

* I got shot, stabbed, hacked, blown up, and virused to 'death' about a half a dozen times when a battle broke out by the hardline. This wasn't unusual at all- Enumerator is a tough neighborhood. Still, I only got wasted once inside the club, and a random stranger res'd me right away.

The consolidation happened at 3am EDT, but by 2 things were starting to thin out and degenerate into inter-organization brawls again, and I *do* have to work today, so I said goodbye to Enumerator and jacked out. The Smoosh will be doing our respective MMORPGs tonight, so it'll be interesting to see how things change.

Oh, I found out the new hostile server is called Vector. The other two are Recursion and Syntax. I also found out that they're going to start awarding XP for syncing hardlines, which is a bit of an annoyance since I've already devoted a couple of weekends to syncing almost every HL in the Matrix. Oh well.
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Damn, Apple!

Okay, it's no secret that I'm a total Apple fanboi, but even the most die-hard PC fan has got to admit that this is downright impressive! They've managed to cram the functionality of a 4-button mouse with a 360 degree scroll ball into a device that, technically, is still a 1-button mouse. Impressive engineering, guys! I'd actually like to pick one up tonight if I can afford the time and $. I hope they start shipping these as the default mice with new machines.

Yes, they work with PCs too.

On a different-yet-related note, it amazes me that there are still people out there who think that Macs don't support multi-button mice. Hell, they've fully supported multi-button USB and BlueTooth mice longer than PCs have!
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