August 1st, 2005

South Park

I am SO doomed!

The next 30 days are going to be very very difficult for me.
In a manner not unlike the Immortals being pulled toward the Gathering, I find my thoughts dominated by the city of Atlanta, and the peculiar events which transpire there in Aug/Sept each year. Dragon*Con is coming, yet part of me is already there.

I was up until 1am coming up with questions for the "Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow" panel, and decided that I'm going to bring an entire costume just for that event (the same thing I wore at zensidhe and fangly Mad Scientist Birthday party). Right now I'm listening to the .mp3 of last year's Hacking 201 panel, and it feels like it was yesterday. Well, okay, it feels like it was last month.

'Con is the high point of my year. Take Christmas and your birthday and roll them together (I'm an authority on this!) and they don't hold a candle to 'Con. Add in Halloween and your favorite porn movie and you're starting to get a shadow of the magnificence of `Con. It is my ideal environment, full of shiny things and hotness and oh so many reasons to not sleep!

And I can feel it approaching. I ask you- how am I supposed to get any work done this month?
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    Hacking 201 - Dragon*Con 2004

Excuse me...

What was that damn thing I'm thinking of? You know, that frivolous piece of software from about a bazillion years ago? The one with the thingies?

It's not important or anything. I'm just wondering, 'cuz I... uh... I don't know why I'm wondering.

Oh shit! I'm at work!