July 29th, 2005


Friday Ramblings- Addiction, FireWire, and a "Free Cunt Bkfst"


I'm completely out of Diet Dew here at work (out of all soda, actually). The campus cafeteria is closed and caged up. The coffee bar is unstaffed for some reason. I've got a $20 bill and a quarter, neither of which will get me a soda out of the machine. Sweet, succulent caffeine just outside my grasp.


By the way, does anyone have a FireWire cable I can borrow right fucking now? I've got a DVD that I want to burn a copy of. The image is on an external FireWire hard drive (I could squeeze it onto Gir's HD, but I'd have to use a shoehorn), and the DVD burner is an external FW device. Normally this isn't a problem, 'cuz normally I have 2 FW cables amongst the 20 lbs of extraneous gear in Gir's bag, but today I only have one. The other one is home plugged into the AC adapter for my iPod. So I can either mount the image or burn a DVD.


By the way, I never realized what an adventure it could be trying to get a hotel room near downtown Orlando on a Saturday night in the middle of tourist season! Last weekend we got to experience this first hand, and were starting to suspect that the closest lodging we could find would be in Oldsmar.

Orlando is a fun place 3am. We passed a place with a neon sign which read "ho girls" (the 'S' and 'w' were burned out), and among the hotels we checked was one which had a sign out front advertising "FREE CUNT BKFST". With amenities like that, is it any wonder they were booked? zensidhe learned that British teens can put the most foul-mouthed trucker to shame. We also got to watch a building burn down, and speculated that if it was a hotel they probably didn't have any available rooms. Strangely, the smell of burning building kinda made me hungry.

We did end up lucking out, however, and got a very nice place that apologized profusely for only having a suite with one bed (and a kitchen, and a living room) to accommodate four people. Somehow we managed to make due. ;-)

Oh, work is strange and slack and horrifying all at the same time. No need to expound here. I think I'm gonna sneak away and drink the nearest Starbucks into the ground now.
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South Park

Chew Electric Death!!!

One very cool thing I forgot to mention! zensidhe and I are going to Q-Zar tonight to play laser tag, hopefully with a group of people. Yay! If you haven't gotten an e-mail invitation to join us, you're hereby invited. We'll probably be getting there between 7 and 8.

Laser tag rocks! I don't know why I don't play all the time.

Oh yeah, it's 'cuz I have no time!

(P.S.- +5 cool points to anyone who knows what this post's subject line is from. Using a search engine isn't fair, and femetal isn't eligible, 'cuz she's already got those particular points.) ;-)
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Matrix Smith

World Merge

On August 2nd, the 9 concurrent iterations of the Matrix will be consolidating into 3- 1 hostile and 2 normal. They'll be allowing people to have 3 characters per server instead of just one, so nobody will lose characters. I can see that opening up all manner of evil possibilities!

Interesting stuff. The population density will, of course, go way up. I hope that they've taken this into account, 'cuz the some hot spots can get mighty crowded as it is (I'm thinking the area around the Mara Central hardline on a Saturday night, as well as any club that Awakened Radio is having an event at!). It'll definitely be interesting to see how factions which were previously completely separated from each other will now interact. :-)

There'll be a temporary boost in XP and $info from NPCs after the integration, and the names of the new worlds will be determined by player suggestions and votes.

Oh! There's also going to be an "RSI Attribute Reconfiguration Hack", that'll allow you (on a one-time basis) to redistribute your attribute points. I think I'll be saving Kr0bar's for level 50, then deciding how to proceed.

For any who are interested, here's how the consolidation will work:
Enumerator, Heuristic, Input --> Hostile World
Method, Regression, Iterator --> Normal World
Proxy, Linenoise, Output --> Normal World
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Weekend Preview

Maybe it's the sudden influx of caffeine, but this is looking to be the best non-Con weekend in a long time.

Friday night: Laser tag, Battlestar Galactica (thank God for Tivo!), and the juicy details of redheadlass and femetal's date. Possibly sex.

Saturday: Some errands around M&J's house, possibly (probably?) sex, and tons and tons of Matrix Online!!!

Sunday: Possibly sex, lunch with Frank and Michelle, then who knows what (hopefully involving some combination of sex and MxO).

Not so bad.
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