July 22nd, 2005


What the... ?

So I'm on my way home from work tonight (on Linebaugh in case anyone cares) and part of one of the lanes was obstructed by a house in the middle of the road.

Yeah. A house.

It was in the road.

It wasn't there when I passed the same spot this morning, leading me to three likely conclusions:
1) Someone built a house in the road, and did it in record time.
2) It came from somewhere else, and wandered into the road on its own.
3) Someone was towing a house, and either accidentally dropped the trailer or was grossly mistaken about where it was to be delivered.

If we assign an equal probability to each, we end up with a 66.6% chance of total bizarreness.

I'm okay with living in a world that's 2/3 bizarre. I considered parking nearby and running around in front of the house screaming at the passing cars to 'get the hell out of my yard!'.
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