July 3rd, 2005

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A post about music

tacit tagged me with a "six favorite songs" meme. Curse him! There's so much music that means so much to me that narrowing it down to 6 songs turned out to be an impossible task, so in yet another act of defiance against Franklin I've decided to do seven songs instead. Even so, the best I can really hope for is to provide a partial representation of the music that I enjoy the most and which is the most meaningful to me. I have little doubt that as soon as I click "submit" I'll think of at least 2 more songs that really need to be listed, but here goes anyway:

Chem Lab, Filament
I adore industrial music, and as industrial music goes this a the perfect example of the genre. It's hard, powerful, and very mechanical-sounding. The backing vocals sound like they're coming through a megaphone, the lyrics are incomprehensible, and the whole thing feels like a diesel engine going on a rampage in your head. Magnificent!

As a side note, I've met a couple of the guys in Chem Lab, once at one of their concerts and again, years later, at another concert. Nice guys.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik, 21st Century Boy - Extended TV Mix
Best band ever! Sputnik is like a band that escaped from the nighttime neon-city wastelands of a cyberpunk sci-fi movie into the real world. 21st Century Boy is a glimpse of pop music in the world as it should be, and the extended mix includes snippets of news and advertising from that world- lunar hotels, adoption centers for orphans of the Martian Wars, etc. There's no other song like it, and it's also got a great beat- upbeat and energetic.

Shamen, Move any Mountain
This song is an Extropian anthem- completely positive and, as the title suggests, all about personal capability. It's a pep rally set to a techno dance beat.

VNV Nation, Perpetual
This is probably my favorite song of all. It's "Move Any Mountain", only on a species-wide scale. It really is the ultimate transhumanist song, celebrating our accomplishments so far with an eye toward the greater accomplishments yet to come. It's a magnificent outlook, and one with which I wholeheartedly agree.

Evanescence, My Immortal
This song reminds me of someone. It used to always make me sad, but doesn't so much anymore. Regardless, the vocals are beautiful and the music serves to complement Amy Lee's lovely voice, rather than competing with it. (Side note: my goodness she's hot!)

The Cure, Just Like Heaven
It is entirely possible that I'm simply incapable of being unhappy while listening to this song. What? My arms and legs fell off and I'm on fire? Time to put on The Cure! All better now! :-)

Sting, Fortress Around Your Heart
I used to be a much more dark and brooding kind of person once upon a time than I am now (go figure!), probably because my life used to suck a lot more than it does now. :-) Regardless, this song is still special to me, and no list of my favorite songs would be complete without some representation from Sting or The Police. The lyrics are intelligent (duh, it's Sting!) and conjure great images. It's subdued and bleak, and I love it so!

Ack! It hurts to not include more music! There are so many bands/songs/genres that deserve to be included here! It HURTS! Curse you, tacit! Oh well, I now tag nesteddoll, my_affair, and bonedaddybruce to do the same thing in their journals. Have at it, guys!
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