June 7th, 2005


An Immodest Proposal

Call in the Vogon constructor fleet, 'cuz I've just figured out the solution to all of our socioeconomic woes. And just as Douglas Adams predicted, nobody needs to get nailed to anything. I do need some help hammering out the details though, which is why I'm coming to all of you.

The epiphany came when phyrra made a post about the current tax structure, and inequities thereof. It's an argument that's come up before- "the rich are getting absurd tax breaks" vs "well, they were paying more to begin with" yadda yadda yadda. I can see both sides, and have decided that the problem isn't the tax structure. It's more fundamental than that. The problem is with our entire currency system, both on paper and in the way we think about it.

I have a solution. I call it Collapse )
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