June 4th, 2005


This is *SO* wrong!

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Matrix Smith

Good and Evil in the Matrix universe

In the movies it's all so simple- the humans are the good guys and the machines are evil. Simple, right?

Well no, it's not so simple, actually. The supplemental historical materials (The Animatrix, comics, etc.) and the balance of power within the Matrix that has arisen post-Neo (MxO) offer some interesting insight into the motivations and methods of the major players in the Wachowski brothers' sandbox.

I've also had a certain... revelation... if you will. Something that I don't think that anyone else has caught on to, with the exception of the Oracle and Neo himself (at least at the end). I'll get to that.

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It isn't all grey areas, of course. Smith is truly evil, and by most accounts so is the Merovingian. By Revolutions I think Neo "gets it" and is unambiguously good. The Oracle and Seraph are also truly good, and I think the Oracle sums it up nicely: "I’m interested in one thing, Neo. The future. And believe me, I know. The only way to get there is together."
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