May 9th, 2005

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VNV and self destructive behavior - weekend recap

Odd weekend. At least what I remember of it. :-( Please excuse the disjointed posting.

Due to visiting family, femetal and I didn't spend Friday night at zensidhe and redheadlass's place. It was the first Friday we'd spent at home in who-knows-how-long, and felt weird. Kim had to work on Saturday, so when I woke up alone in our bed it felt like I was skipping work on a weekday- not an entirely bad feeling. :-) I slothed around the house and played MxO for longer than I probably should've (got Kr0bar to level 14!), during which time UPS delivered our copy of Tiger (the latest iteration of Mac OS X) and the Invader Zim collector box/bonus DVD. Yay on both counts, though I didn't have much time to mess with either one 'cuz I was already late getting ready for the VNV Nation concert.

I headed over to alias_node's place and picked up him and his friend Warren. We pounded down some quick food and headed out. Ryan graciously agreed to be designated driver if it became necessary, and I suspect it was his intention to make sure that it did become necessary. He's an odd mix of protective friend and very very bad influence. We almost never hang out anymore which is a shame, but it also probably increases my chances of survival considerably.

The concert was, in short, fantastic. I saw several people that I haven't seen in quite a while, including queenwench who I hadn't seen since before she left for Japan, and my_affair who I normally only see at Con nowadays. (BTW Marz, are you serious about the mohawk? It'd be cool, but it's such a radical departure that I can't picture it.) The opening acts were pretty damn good (one of them was just one guy and a PowerBook, which was freaky but kinda neat). VNV freaking rocked (no surprise there)! They put on an amazing show!

Unfortunately there are parts of the concert that I don't remember, as Warren and I got positively hammered. We started with Guinness, of course, then moved on to a drink called Liquid Cocaine, which is a shot of Jaeger, Goldschlager, and rum chased with vodka and Red Bull. They ought to call it the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, 'cuz the effect is about the same.

Alcohol's effects on me are weird but fairly predictable. When I get tipsy I develop an Irish accent (Yes, I'm serious. No, I can't explain it.). When I get drunk I get OMGbouncyhappy (yeah I know, breathing air has pretty much the same effect on me, only with alcohol it's even more so.). I spent most of the concert like that, which is not necessarily a bad place to be. I also spent about half of that time playing with my phone- either taking pictures of the show or sending SMS messages. After that I start slipping out of English and into Esperanto, which might be okay if I was at least fluent in it- but I'm not. Then I start losing recall, which is decidedly not cool. I'd stopped drinking by then, but it was already too late. Around the end of the concert I slipped into the next phase, where I tend to get exceedingly depressed. Ryan said that I was quite upset about something, but I have almost no memory of it. He took me outside and I leveled off, then we all headed home. (Side note: Warren ended up much worse off than I did. I don't know the whole story, but it involved handcuffs.)

So yeah, I was an idiot. At least I'm a fairly harmless drunk, but I really should've known better. At any rate, I was obviously in no condition to drive, so I crashed at Ryan's place. I woke up on his couch, and his cat Absinthe tried to eat me. She's the most adorable, tiny little kitty! Black fur, orange eyes, very affectionate, and PSYCHOTIC!!!

Absinthe: Purr! Purr! Oh, I love your hand so much! Please bring it closer SO I CAN RIP IT TO BLOODY SHREDS!!!" (Yes, I speak Cat.)
Me: You're so unbelievably cuteYEAAAAAAGH!!! (clutches arm stump)

By this time I was sober but still felt somehow not right- drained and very much out of sorts. I also still felt depressed, which was weird. I didn't actually shake that mood until late last night. Ryan and I watched TV for a couple of hours, including Robot Chicken (wow!) and the Penn & Teller "Bullshit!" episode that addressed polyamory (thanks for recommending it, serolynne! It was great!). We went out to breakfast and fed Jessica's kitties, then I dropped him off and joined the rest of the Smoosh at M&J's place. I had missed them!!! We hung out for a bit and put ourselves together for the day, and I got the Tiger upgrade started on Gir (I'll detail that in another post). We ran some errands, I talked with my mom, we ate, and went to see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (K&J hadn't seen it yet, and M & I certainly had no objections to a second viewing). We returned to M&J's with me still having a cloud over my head. I tinkered with Gir, we hung out for a little while more, and then Kim and I packed up and headed home.

At home I felt exhausted and still not right. We went to bed and, strangely, I woke up about an hour later suddenly feeling fine. I woke Kim up to, uh, "celebrate" (thanks, Love!), and then got the first real rest of the entire weekend.

In short, I had a lot of fun this weekend, and I hope I don't have another weekend like it for a long time. :-)
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