April 22nd, 2005


Friday Linkies!

Ooh... shiny things...

It's a modest start, but this still makes me drool. It's a battlemech! No, really! Sure, it's slow, ponderous, and about as agile as an oak tree, but it's an honest-to-goodness mech!!! It's even got guns! (Well, sorta) The movies are cute and funny, but also just a bit sad.

Want something smaller? How about a powered suit? Sure, they say that it's for the elderly and the disabled, but I want it so I can jump on top of 4 story buildings and kick holes in tanks! Alright, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here, but I think that they should team up with the Land Walker folks. Both projects could benefit.

If even that's too big for you, take a gander at this nifty little nano-mechanism! It doesn't seem likely to be the basis for practical nanomotors, but it's a cool concept anyway. The videos at the bottom are particularly fun.

Evil scientists, take note! Remote-controlled flies!!! What more can I say?

Now this is cool- literally! Induced hibernation in mammals! The possibilities for emergency treatment of heart attack and stroke victims in remote locations are just the beginning. It's not cryonics, but the concept is very much the same- stabilize the patient with low temperature and low metabolic rate until the root problem can be addressed. This also kinda reminds me of the "hypersleep" chambers in Event Horizon and the Alien movies. :-)

On a non-technical note, here's a guy who has decided to forego geology and satellite imaging to search for oil, and instead is simply consulting the Bible. Of course! Best of luck. (On the other hand, his company is called "Zion Oil & Gas", so I've gotta give him a little credit.)

I have to steal a couple of links from ladytabitha, `cuz they're too cool to not pass along. This details the "L337 `$pl017z" of a wanna-be script kiddie. Read and laugh (or I'll r007 y3r B0x!!!11one) :-) This kid is gonna end up with a Darwin Award, I swear.

I saved the best for last- the 25 Greatest Calvin & Hobbes Strips. Thanks Xtina- this completely made my morning! BTW, my all-time favorite C&H is the "Calvin the God" strip that's second on the list.
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