April 11th, 2005


Monday Funnies and Weekend Update

Just a couple of quick links for y'all:

If I've never pointed out Ernie Cline to you, I've been remiss as your friend. I hereby apologize and correct the oversight. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. His .mp3s are great (this one vaguely reminds me of nesteddoll's Monkeysphere), he's a bigger Buckaroo Banzai fan than I am (wow!), and he truly "gets" geek humor. Awesomeness.

Speaking of awesomeness, I've read exactly one negative review of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and several very positive ones. Of course, reviews are always suspect, but after having found this little gem on the Heart of Gold set I'm inclined to think that this movie is not going to suck. Again, brilliant. Absolutely Airwolf!

On a personal level, it was another wonderful weekend. redheadlass and I went out to dinner and Sin City on Friday. The movie was... impressive. If you like over-the-top dialog and violence, and are a visually-oriented person (I most definitely am), you'll like it. If you demand believable dialog or are in the least bit squeamish, you may want to pass it up.

On Saturday the Smoosh went to the Renaissance Festival. We all had a blast, and the high point was that we got to see friends with whom we don't spend enough time, even if only briefly. Saturday night was our friend Tony's b-day party, with more hanging-out goodness and perhaps a few too many hot peppers. :-)

For me, Sunday was sleep- blessed sleep- preceded and followed by Matrix Online. femetal had to work, and redheadlass visited with her mom, so zensidhe and I geeked out with the computers 'till Kim got home, then we went out for a bite and met up with Janet and were all Smoosh-like for the rest of the evening.

Much goodness. Now back to work with me!
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