March 20th, 2005


Back from Fantasm

Just a quick note to say that we're back from Fantasm. I haven't checked e-mail or read LJ in days, and I'm not gonna even get started on that until tomorrow at least. For now, we're gonna eat dinner as soon as the pizza arrives, watch a quiet movie together, and then sleep the sleep of the dead- probably until sunset tomorrow. :-)

I'm sure that the rest of the Smoosh will have more detailed write-ups, but here's a quick summary- we barely slept (me in particular) and I was sick the whole time, yet we've never had a more enjoyable con experience. Fantasm is (was) a naughty, naughty con. ;-) It really is Dragon*Con's slutty little sister, and makes D*C look positively puritanical by comparison. I've never seen such a consistently bawdy atmosphere, and it was made all the better by how damn considerate everyone was! From the hotel staff to the con organizers to the attendees, everyone was friendly and a joy to be around. The panels were a blast- fun and informative. We all had our favorites. I particularly found the one on Florentine-style flogging useful, and am going to have to do a lot of practicing to master some new tricks. *happy dance*

And my God did we have wonderful sex. :-) There were an amazing number of people there who were jaw-droppingly sexy and uninhibited, but IMHO none so much as redheadlass and femetal.

The only killjoy was the Atlanta Fire Marshall, who made it his mission to ruin everyone's fun. I'm happy to report that he failed, though his crusade against room parties did put a damper on things. Pity, 'cuz I suspect that of all the people there, he was the one most desperately in need of getting laid.

We bought some nifty toys and such, as well as the coolest freaking porn DVD on the planet! I'll do a write-up on it later.

Sadly, this was the last Fantasm, but I'm so happy that we were able to experience it! The designated successor is a new con called Frolicon, which OOH PIZZA'S HERE GOTTA GO!!!
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