February 23rd, 2005

Dancing Gir

Just 'cuz I feel like postin' boringness `bout m'self

I think my thermostat broke this morning.

Not the thermostat in the house (that was already not-quite-right)- my internal thermostat. It was the weirdest damn thing.

Typically my body runs a bit warm, and goes up a touch more as I'm falling asleep. Once I lose consciousness the furnace shuts down and I drop to room temperature. (I once scared the hell out of a girlfriend when we spent the night together in a hotel room and in the morning when she woke up to find that I was cold to the touch. For a moment she thought I might have been dead. *grins*)

So this morning I wake up and reactor output is at about 200%. I'm absolutely roasting, and afraid that I'm going to become the Spontaneous Human Combustion poster child, or at least leave scorch marks on my Gir blanket. I felt weak, so maybe I was getting sick. Maybe I got up during the night and drank lava and I just forgot. I dunno. femetal said to take extra vitamins. Makes sense.

I got up and against my better judgment proceed with my normal morning routine, which starts with DDR. That normally wakes my metabolism up fast, but today my engine was already doing loops, so I'm bouncing like a fool and wondering what the cops will say when they find a smoldering pile of ashes wearing socks sprawled out on a geek mat.

I somehow manage to avoid incinerating myself and take a cold shower afterward. Body temperature drops a bit, so at least now I'm not sweating (as much). I finish getting ready for the day and by the time I get to work I just feel like I'm running a slight fever. By noon I felt fine, and everything has been completely normal since then.

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